Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Every single day your organization will face both opportunities and risks, all staff, up from the CEO down to security guard and each and every one will make decisions, some for the better and some not….
If you would like for all your staff to behave in consistent and repeatable way when dealing with opportunity and risk, a way that that can meet stakeholder requirements, a way that is in harmony with the company goals, objectives, strategy and values…that’s when you need an ERM system!


Crisis Management (CM)

Sooner or later adverse situations will cross the path of your organization, Murphy lures around the corner.
Whenever your organization faces a crisis that threatens your intangible assets or a disaster that might affect some of your key resources,
you will wish that you have an effective Crisis Management system in place.  Then you would know how to deal with the immediate emergency situation,
communicate clearly and effectively with stakeholders, you might even find a way to turn the negative situation around in a positive one.


Business Continuity Management (BCM)

A technical failure, mother nature having a bad day, a deliberate malicious act,…..plenty ways to bring your production to its knees. 
In these situations, you wish you had a business continuity management system in place, because you would not only know how to bring production back up again within acceptable timeframes, but you would also know the priorities and actions to keep your customers informed.


Resilience Management (RM)

Organizations having two or more independent management systems in place (such as ERM, CM, BCM,…) may find themselves with quite some overhead, overlapping activities and inconsistent information.  That’s when a resilience management system comes in handy.  Break down the silo’s, consider a balanced approach of prevention, response and recovery and become a more agile and leaner organization.

At Musena consulting we will gladly help you with one or more of the previous management systems or components parts thereof. 
Our preferred approach is to use the respective ISO standards of the mentioned management systems,
but we will most certainly consider another standard or best practice should that be more suitable to your context.

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