Package of 10 days Resilience Management Consulting services

Resilience Management Consulting services

Sales price 12100,00 €
Sales price without tax 10000,00 €
Tax amount 2100,00 €



Resilience Management consulting services can cover:
design -, implementation -, exercise -, evaluation-, improvement activities
or coaching & advise on any Resilience Management topic of choice.

(e.g. Development of a Resilience Management System, Policy and guide, defining and implementing a balanced and comprehensive approach of prevention/response/recovery while integrating several protective disciplines like – Risk Management, Continuity Management, Crisis management, Emergency management,…-, defining and implementing a governance structure that promotes resilience, harmonization and standardization of analysis activities from the various protective disciplines, defining & implementing a comprehensive Resilience Strategy, maturity evaluation of the Resilience competence and capability, coaching/training of new members on the resilience team, development of Resilience training and awareness materials...)

On-site work: by whole working days only (8 hours shop time, including 0.5 hours lunch time),
any travel time in Belgium exceeding 2hrs will be deducted of the 8 hours shop time.  Off-site work: per whole hour only.

Any travel/lodging expenses will be charged separately from the consulting services, at cost +10 %.  Where possible the customer will arrange travel and accommodation directly.

The package of 10 days BCM Consulting services is to be fully prepaid. 

Planning & validity
The delivery of the prepaid consulting services will be planned in mutual consent and availability, at least one week in advance of the actual delivery.  The prepaid consulting services are valid for 2 years, following the payment date.  Usage reports (pre-paid – delivered) will be produced on a 6-monthly base.

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